YogaVotes Goes Live on My Yoga Online


What's better than a 90 minute online yoga class?

A 90 minute YogaVotes rally with yoga and stimulating conversation from Seane Corn, Kerri Kelly, Shiva Rea, MC Yogi, Janet Stone, Rod Stryker, Sianna Sherman, Suzanne Sterling, and Congressman Tim Ryan—and music by DJ Drez, MC Yogi, and Damon the Zen Drummer.  

Why yoga and politics? The people behind YogaVotes—a national, nonpartisan campaign to get yogis out to vote in 2012—might ask “Why not?” My Yoga Online is excited to spread the word about this change-making new initiative spearheaded by renowned yoga teachers.

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In the words of the YogaVotes team: “Awareness, connection, and participation are core elements of yoga on the mat.  They happen to be central to our civic life, too, whether that be at the most local level or in this year’s presidential campaign. YogaVotes will encourage the 20 million Americans who practice yoga to take their values into the public sphere and into the voting booth.”

Says Jason Jacobson, CEO of My Yoga Online: “When YogaVotes approached us to film their latest rally at the Wanderlust Festival in Colorado, we were happy to lend support. We’re always excited to work with people who live their yoga off the mat.”

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For more on YogaVotes, check out My Yoga Online’s coverage of their Wanderlust Festival rally here.

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