At age 12 Karl was was introduced to meditation, in his teens he was entranced by Eastern philosophy, and throughout his life has been an avid athlete and competitive swimmer. He studies with masters from Tibet, India, Japan, Europe, and the USA. He graduated from Duke University, and worked in various jobs such as dolphin communication research assistant, school teacher, manager of a retreat center, aide to a member of US Congress, and business owner. He was introduced to asana in his 30’s, and quickly noticed it improved his health. He had suffered from chronic stress and back pain until yoga provided the solutions. As his yoga practice deepened he took a yoga/meditation retreat and he had a realization that he would soon be more fully immersed in yogic life. He immediately made plans (with his employer’s understanding and support) to train his own replacement for his IT consulting job in New York, and within 3 months he would be free to immerse himself fully in yoga practice and study. Then came the hard work of actually making the transformation from business professional to modern nomadic yogi with no conventional home or source of income.

At the end of 2004 he left his apartment in Manhattan apartment, sold or donated all his furniture, books, artworks, most of his clothes. He put just enough stuff to pack in two carry-on bags, and set out on a yogic life quest. The first two years were especially difficult, but he has no regrets. His life has shifted in incredible and wonderful ways, and the quest still continues today. Along the way he’s developed a growing connection with wonderful people all over the world who are the extended family that make it possible for him to conduct events all over the world. His students include athletes, yoga teachers, cancer patients, celebrities, and yogis of all levels.

He’s a graduate of Duke University, certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and serves as the European Regional Executive Director for the Yoga Studies Institute. He appears in workshops, teacher trainings, and yoga festivals around the world, and he has appeared in US national television including NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, and in Yoga Journal online. Karl conducts retreats and workshops annually in Hawaii, Europe, and North America.



Karl teaches with humor and at the same time he goes very deep. He has a special way of keeping the mood light and yet doesn’t hesitate to give very strict and precise directions and corrections when needed.” - Student, Holland

“You give the students so much trust in themselves and relaxation they lose their fear and are totally open”. - Student, Germany

“I was deeply touched by your course, and it will be an honour to work with you again in the future!” - Student, Switzerland

“You’re the most prepared yoga instructor I’ve ever worked with!” - Student, USA