Brock Cahill and Krista Cahill, aka the Gravity Cowboys are, in two words, f’n awesome. These two Los Angeles based Yoga teachers can do things with their bodies that most people can only dream of – that is, until they teach you how. Practicing with them is delightful, they compliment each other beautifully and work so well together you forget that there are two teachers instead of one. Brock and Krista offer their students some of the most challenging postures and transitions in an atmosphere that is supportive, fun, and inspiring. 



Brock was wearing a pair cowboy boots and a bit of a hangover when he accidentally stumbled across the path of yoga. He was out there fumbling around in the dark, trying to find himself, when the light of yoga clicked on and pointed him in the right direction. Through the physical nature of the practice, and his intense dedication to it, Brock has been able to enliven the body and clarify the mind, preparing him for a momentous trek on the winding road leading to the self and the soul. it is a road he loves to share… wanna go for a walk?

…or how ’bout we fly instead?

Brock has spent the majority of his life as a professional musician. he began studying the violin at a very early age. His earliest years were steeped in technique and ear development. several years later, when brock was about 10,