Alanna Kaivalya is an artistic and inspiring teacher of yoga. Born with a hearing impairment, Alanna learned through the power of vibration at a young age, and was then naturally drawn to the harmonic practice of yoga. Listed as Yoga Journal’s top 21 Yoga Teachers Under 40 (March, 2008), and now with more than a decade of teaching experience, she has developed a teaching style that is a unique combination of her spirit, her knowledge, and of course the teachers who have influenced her along the path.

Alanna’s first book, Myths of the Asanas, was released in Spring 2010 by Mandala Publishing. Myths of the Asanas has received praise from yogis and non-yogis alike, and has become a guide for both practitioners and teachers to learn more about mythology and philosophy in a fun and accessible way.

Alanna has been leading and working with teacher training programs around the world since 2004. She is the yoga philosophy instructor at several trainings including Moksha Yoga (Canada), Radiantly A