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Yoga Vida

New York, New York

About the Studio

At Yoga Vida we make yoga accessible, affordable, and inclusive. Believing your daily yoga practice should not become a financial burden; we serve as a comfortable and inviting oasis where you can connect your body and your mind through the movement that resonates with you. There is no judgment, pressure, ultimatums, nor demands. This is yoga for everyone.

The Yoga Vida method connects purposeful movements with conscious breath and takes an educational approach to improve body awareness and promote the realization of individual choice. We believe that yoga can have a profound impact on your life. We strive to explain and present yoga in a way that allows you to be an independent thinker so you can incorporate what you learn through your practice into your daily life—both inside and outside of the studio.

Yoga may give you a sweet set of abs and a well-contoured backside, but these are merely results of consistent yoga practice. Walking on your hands and touching your toes (with straight legs), however awesome, are results of regular yoga practice and not its purpose. What yoga seeks is union: a union between the body and mind, a union between friends and enemies, right and wrong, hot and cold, and light and dark. Helping two forces—that at first appear so different—form a harmonious connection. This is yoga. Understanding that, although individual, we are also quite the same. Seeing yourself in others (even the homeless man on the corner), and seeing others’ qualities in yourself (maybe the homeless man again)—this is Yoga.

Although yoga begins in a studio, what you learn can be taken anywhere and is richest when shared with others. The journey that is yoga is endless. At Yoga Vida we remain committed to providing an environment that continues to inspire the growth in your life that yoga has inspired in us.

At Yoga Vida we offer quality yoga at an affordable price, and we remain committed to beginning and continuing your yoga education.



With a foundation in Vinyasa Flow—specifically the Ashtanga Primary Series—we incorporate multiple styles of yoga and movement brought in by each teacher’s unique background. At Yoga Vida it is our intention to properly educate our students so that a safe foundation is provided; yet challenge our students so that when we confront and conquer our perception of what we’re capable of as individuals, true and lasting progress can be made. At Yoga Vida we encourage our students to embrace their individuality and discover the particular method that they find works for them—making adjustments and modifying whenever necessary. After all, you are your own teacher.



With an open exploration of the history of yoga, asana practice and sequencing, yoga philosophy, anatomy, energy channels, ancient spiritual texts and teachings, and more; this Training Program is for more than just the aspiring yoga teacher. It’s for anyone looking for direction, in a transition, or simply searching for a deeper meaning in life. It’s for anyone interested in developing their understanding of yoga, whatever the reason may be. 



“Yoga Vida NYC o University Place opened in January. Classes are small and it costs $10 drop in, $5 for students. “Our studio isn’t better or worse, it’s just different,” says Hilaria Thomas, yoga director of Yoga Vida NYC and a former instructor at Yoga to the People. “Different energies.”  – New York Times

“Take a very different kind of yoga class: one accompanied by a live multipiece dream-jazz ensemble at new Yoga Vida NYC Vinyasa studio.”  – New York Magazine

Class Descriptions

In this Open-Level Vinyasa Flow class we keep the structure of the class simple enough for beginners, but suggest optional variation to engage and challenge all levels and abilities.

In this Basic-Level Vinyasa Flow class we break down the basics of individual movements and teach basic yoga fundamentals—geared toward the beginner, but great for students with more experience looking to further develop basic postures. It is our intention to get you moving so that you can feel the effect of the yoga, but provide extra instruction at a slightly slower pace to help you build your yoga foundation.

In this Advanced-Level Vinyasa Flow we offer greater variation and more challenging postures—specifically more inversions, deeper binds and more developed twists. Come with an open mind, try some new things, and challenge yourself.

Master Class
In this 90-minute Vinyasa Flow class anything goes: OM’s, pranayama (breath work), chanting (feel the vibration), and dharma talks (spiritual teachings). Open to all levels.

In this gentle and less physically demanding form of yoga we relax the body by supporting it in restful positions with bolsters, blankets, and blocks. This deep gravity-assisted relaxation provides the body with an opportunity to heal, renew and restore.

In this moderately paced 90-minute prenatal yoga class, we practice yoga asana created to strengthen the body and increase stamina required for labor.

99 University Place at 12th St.
6th Floor
New York , New York   10003
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666 Broadway at Bond St.
3rd Floor
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