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Vedika Global

Emeryville, CA

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Vedika Global is an internationally renowned Ayurvedic Institute, reviving authentic, experiential, classical Ayurveda education for contemporary global health needs. Vedika's core program is a school offering transformational, lived education in the science and spirituality of Ayurveda, including unique wisdom from the ancient Gurukula tradition of education. Located in the Emeryville/Berkeley area of California, Vedika Gurukula offers authentic education in Ayurveda's oral tradition, integrated with the contemporary academic standards for Ayurvedic education in India. Vedika's culture is rooted in the spirit of service -- Seva -- and community upliftment – Sangha. The school includes a teaching clinic and open events to empower the broader community with the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Class Descriptions

Vedika’s Two Month Ayurveda Self Care Course

Open to all. This course is especially designed for beginners.

Learn the Ayurvedic path to living well. The Ayurveda Self Care Course is a powerful 2-month experience with a focus on health optimization and disease prevention. This course can change your health and your life for the better, forever. We offer a sequential series of teachings in Ayurveda lifestyle, foods, cooking, home remedies, emotional health and whole person healing experiences.

Vedika Global’s unique healing environment and tranquil surroundings offer many opportunities for you to relax, reflect, meditate and rejuvenate. Support by accessible teachers and senior students add to the warmth of this health immersion experience. Each student will receive a delightful seasonally appropriate Ayurvedic dinner from our teaching kitchen before each class.

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"Having suffered for several years with an "incurable" auto-immune disease, doctors told me I would need to be on medication the rest of my life. In disbelief I began searching for alternative methods to ease my symptoms and promote self healing. I tried every new-age fad diet imaginable, and still the disease had not improved. I was just about to give up hope that I had the capacity to heal myself when I randomly attended a lecture about Ayurveda at a local bookshop led by Shunya Pratichi Mathur. That night, something clicked for me. I knew deep down that I needed to learn more about the science of Ayurveda, and eventually signed up to take the 1 year self-healing course. Within three months of attending classes I was off all prescription medication and well on my way to physical, mental, and spiritual well being. One year later, I am virtually symptom free an have never felt more healthy, happy and hopeful."- Brittany Barrett, Preschool Teacher/ Jewelry Designer

“Studying Ayurveda at Vedika Gurukula has changed every facet of my life. In the first 9 months of my studies, I have lost 13 lbs., regulated my hormones naturally, stopped getting frequently sick and my whole emotional outlook has improved. I am continually amazed at the beauty and simplicity of these teachings and how easily I can apply them to my daily life. I highly recommend that anyone interested in increased health, vitality and joy begin this journey for themselves.” - Amy Lewis, Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, Life Coach, Entrepreneur

“I have never been in a school that addresses your body mind and soul simultaneously and encourages the best self care so that you can become the best practitioner, full of experiential knowledge and compassion to deal with mental and physical issues. My Ayurvedic journey in Vedika has filled me with confidence and self love." - Laurie Alessandra Das, CMT

“Studying with Vedika Gurukula has been a life-changing experience. Not only have we been initiated into a love affair with Ayurveda, but we have also been given a gift of receiving broader Vedic knowledge that includes Yoga and Vedanta. Vedika students have been blessed with the loving care of most knowledgeable and dedicated teachers."Dinara Tashniyazova, QA Engineer, Manager Spiritual Book Store

"For me, being a student at Vedika Global has been an opportunity like no other. I have never been exposed to such a complete system that one can use to work towards perfect health. I have been able grasp a very usable framework that not only includes very practical information about diet, eating rules, food preparation, lifestyle,etc., but also a way for me to more accurately come to grips with my own actual condition so that I can determine how I want to approach my own life in my attempt to bring about a gradual betterment. Although I feel like I am just beginning this journey, I am confident that my attainment of further knowledge will allow me to better reach my physical, mental, and spiritual goals by using this Ayurvedic framework so well presented in the class offerings.” - Steve Longbotham - Consultant

“I feel deeply blessed to be a student in the Gurukula. This style of learning has been more beneficial to me than I ever could have imagined. It feels as though we are a large extended family on a path of rediscovering the knowledge of Ayurveda in a pure and authentic way. Being surrounded by the teachings has allowed me to apply them, so that I feel the simple changes I have made, which have affected my life in a profound way.” - Ali Schiller, Realtor

"I met Shunya Pratichi Mathur at a talk and I was inspired to join her class. I am now completing the first year at Vedika Gurukula and my journey of life with Ayurveda has been quiet awakening. This school is unique in its personal focus in all the programs offered, be it the 2-month course, the wellness coach track or the full path toward becoming an Ayurvedic doctor. The focus is on healing our own self first before we try to heal others in our larger world family. I have benefited a lot both mentally and physically. This school has definitely helped me find my grounding. I have grown up in India for the most part of my life and I came to this country when I was 21. One would think that given Ayurveda originates in India, all Indians understand it. The truth is that at Vedika I learned the science behind most of our everyday lifestyle practices, whether it is about fasting or eating specific foods during specific times of the year. The value placed on a scientific and rational understanding of the human body, mind and spirit is what draws me to this school, and what I also love is that Shunyaji preaches scientific skepticism, whereby, we experiment with our own bodies and minds and only believe any theory after we have experienced the truth behind the theory at the level of our own personal experience.” - Geetanjali Chakraborty, Life Science Researcher

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5950 Doyle Street
Emeryville , CA   94608
United States
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