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Katonah Yoga

New York, NY

About the Studio

Katonah Yoga was originally founded in 1991 in Bedford Hills, NY by Nevine Michaan. After high demand, the studio just recently opened their NYC location, which is buzzing as one of the city’s top places to practice.

Nevine Michaan founded Katonah Yoga in 1991. 
It was the fruit of a long immersion in meditation and yoga,
 enriched by a dynamic, evolving understanding
 of Taoist element theory and sacred geometry. 
The goal of Katonah Yoga is the skillfull use of mind, body and breath
to potentiate well-being—
defining well-being as balanced, buoyant, well-adjusted, 
radiant and equidistantly located between center
and circumference, self and surroundings. 

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Class Descriptions

Katonah Yoga
Katonah Yoga has been developed by Nevine Michaan and her teachers over the last thirty years. It is both spiritually refined and eminently practical. As an egalitarian yoga, it works for novices as well as advanced body workers. One needn’t have a mystical or ”Eastern” orientation to benefit. By synthesizing traditional Hatha yoga postures and meditation with classical Taoist Chinese theory, it provides a clear yet powerful understanding of the mechanics of the body while encouraging increased awareness of the self. The essence of all Hatha Yoga practice is the postures (asanas).

Pilates focuses on developing strength through the core of the body—the back, abdomen and hips, providing a foundation on which to continue working the rest of the body. The goal of this practice is not only to increase strength, but also flexibility and coordination. Pilates is designed to create overall body fitness, elongated supple muscles, and balance between body and mind. Practioners experience improved posture, increased lung capacity, and strong, sculpted muscles. Its emphasis on all around complete fitness makes Pilates a smart and efficient workout for students at any level.

‘Vinyasa’ means ‘to arrange’ or ‘to place in a special way’. But often, it is translated as ‘flow.” It refers to a carefully arranged sequence of asanas. Movement from one asana to the next follows the breath, resulting in a smooth, flowing class that become almost dance-like. Vinyasa yoga is a general name for any flowing style of yoga. Although it has evolved from Ashtanga yoga over time and is based on the ‘surya namaskar’ (‘salute to the sun’) sequence, teachers develop their own sequences using variety of asanas and creative transitions.

Pranayama is a practice of breath observation and manipulation. The Taoists refer to prana as space dust - the ions, ores and minerals in the universe. Pranayama is a technique used to consciously extract these minerals from the atmosphere and to transmute this universal energy into food for the body and mind. Using the breath as the focus of the meditative experience, different breathing techniques are engaged with the goal of increasing elasticity of the lungs, breath capacity, awareness and efficiency. Pranayama is the heart of the hatha practice. The refinement of breathing ultimately informs and transforms the mind and body.

Intermediate & Advanced Pilates
Teri uses her knowledge of anatomy, exercise science and the Pilates movement principles to create classes which are client-specific in order to address and correct imbalances commonly seen in the dance population. Utilizing the Core Principal movements in Pilates as well as an understanding of the effects of gravity on the body in specific positions, she has created a vast repetoire of Pilates exercises which consistently challenge her students. She is extremely attentive to correct form while seeking to increase her students muscular strength, endurance and range of motion.

Intermediate Pilates Mat w/ Props
This class will focus on an intermediate mat series while introducing props like small balls and foam rollers. Teri will also consistently be working on the new prop work she has been developing using the Mexican blankets to re-create Pilates Reformer exercises. Come slide and glide to challenge your core strength as well as your spinal and shoulder stabilizers!

Intention: Two or more bodies in Harmonic Union. Giving Yoga/ Receiving Yoga. Flying, Basing, Thai Massage, Yoga Assists. Sharing Yoga is a skill cultivated through Practice. Let’s get together!

267 West 17th St.
2nd Floor
New York , NY   10011
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