Video: Kelly Morris Speakeasy Wanderlust Vermont 2012

Check out one of our favorite yoga teachers—Kelly Morris—just released Speakeasy from one of our favorite events—Wanderlust Festival!

From Wanderlust:

"Join Kelly Morris at the Wanderlust Vermont Speakeasy as she sheds new understanding and perspective on the belief that the feminine and the earth are synonymous. In this lecture, Morris explores the history of our language as it pertains to masculinity and femininity, and debunks myths about femininity, the curse of women, and how even the latest sex scandals in yoga shape the way we view gender today.

"Mistreat a woman and you're mistreating the earth....The earth gives birth, we give birth."

Among the many questions Morris poses about female sexuality and gender roles, she asks, "In the western myth of creation in the garden of eden, woman is cursed. There is no role for woman in the myth of creation that we have. You're the problem, you're the bad seed, you're what made the whole thing go wrong. How do we feel about that, ladies?"  

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