Tips for Acting "Not-Gay" so you don't Get Fired

Did you know that being gay in Michigan (and 28 other states) can cost you your job?

That's right folks, in over half of this country's states it is still legal for an employer to fire you if they even think you are gay. UNITY Michigan has released some meant-to-be-stereotypically-funny "Not-Gay Stuff" that will help you always appear totally heterosexual at the workplace in an effort to fight for and spread the word about employment protection for LGBTQ community. The campaign, called "Don't Change Yourself, Change the Law" is working hard to create awareness around Michigan's non-existent LGBTQ inclusive employment policies—which as collateral will help create discussion (hopefully) in the other states whose policies are antiques.

"The key point about this campaign is to say 'we know that the problem is that discrimination occurs and we want to find the most appropriate way to make sure that gay and transgender folks are protected in the law."

It breaks our hearts to think about how ridiculously far we have to go just so that one hundred percent of the human beings in this country—let alone the entire world—are treated with respect regardless of whom they choose to love. And though our community is no stranger to giving love, there are still so many who have yet to catch on. So please, help us spread awareness and share these tounge-in-cheek posters up! Spread the word, spread love.



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