Surrender Into Child’s Pose

Our world slowly closes in. Just as an approaching wave finds the beach, the weight of it all seems so—heavy. The to do lists stack up. Meetings go on far too long. Our time: gone. 

This is the time where we need to get to our mat. To slow it all down. And surrender. To all of it. 

Chlid’s Pose is more than an asana that we are “allowed” to rest in during that heated vinyasa class. It is an active pose. One that accomplishes so much—for our minds and bodies. 

The benefits of this pose on the water equal those in the studio. It is a great intro to SUP yoga poses.

Get started:

Starting in a table-top position. Hands below shoulders. Knees under hips. Extend out through the crown of the head and back through the tail bone. The goal is to flatten the back and lengthen the spine before beginning the pose.  

Untuck the toes. Lay the top of the feet flat on the mat. Allow your big toes to connect. Slide your knees to the side of the rails. Keep the length in the spine, growing long in the back. 

Walk your fingers toward the nose of the board. Keeping the extension through the back. Sink the sitting bones back towards the heels. Keep the core engaged, this will help eliminate the rounding of the back. 

Slowly begin to lower the head down on the mat. The forehead will can come down to rest on the mat. Slide the shoulders back into the joints, away from the ears. This should activate the hands and forearms. Ground down through the hands to prevent them from sliding back. The upper torso should feel long. 

The sits bones, glutes, work their way back to the heels. Eventually the heels and sits bones will connect. This is Child’s Pose. 

This pose can be used before a SUP yoga class. During one to reconnect. Or to cool down. It allows our body to feel safe while being out on the water. It also provides a connection to the water and our breath. 

The duration of Child’s Pose is up to you. You can stay for three to five breaths. Or minutes. If a longer time is spent in the pose. Adding a Cat-Cow sequence is a great way to transition out of this pose. 

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