Sara Ivanhoe: "Yoga For Sleep" | L.A. Yoga Magazine Cover Girl

Check out Sara Ivanhoe on the cover of the next issue of L.A. Yoga Magazine!


Sara is featured on the cover of this month's LA Yoga magazine!!! On page 32 you will find her article titled,Wide Awake - Yoga for Peaceful Sleep. She shares practices that will surely help if sleep evades you "These rejuvenative postures can relax the body and allow for regeneration, as a nourishing practice is essential. Dive in as if you were wrapping yourself up in a new set of sheets," and says, "If all else fails, engage in the following process of self-inquiry to explore your relationship with being awake."

Definitely scoop up the mag on Saturday when it hits stands!

"In Buddhism, the ultimate act is to 'wake up' to the truth. If sleep evades you, possibly it can be a gift, giving us a nudge to ask 'what does it mean to be awake'?" ~Sara Ivanhoe