YOGANONYMOUS: Namaste, Thank You, Goodbye

I’d like to start by humbly expressing my gratitude to you all for what you helped create over the past eight years. Thank you for the abundance of inspiration and connection you have brought into my life and into the lives of the millions of YOGANONYMOUS readers and supporters around the world for nearly a decade.

In an industry that has become increasingly concerned with numbers and projections, YOGANONYMOUS’ mission was always to focus on the people. Our brand was never about me, our staff, or any one specific voice, teacher, modality, sponsor, or studio. “Anonymously,” myself and our team intentionally took a back seat to our talented contributors, whose content and promotions entertained, engaged, and informed our readers every day. You all, the members of our expansive community, created the YOGANONYMOUS brand just as much as we did, and I bow to you all in gratitude.

Dan repping YOGANONYMOUS at the first-ever Wanderlust Stratton event, in 2011.

I’d also like to express appreciation to the Wanderlust organization. As many of you know by now, about 24 months ago YOGANONYMOUS was acquired by Wanderlust, a company with a shared vision that we have worked with closely since the inception of both brands in 2009.

Over the past two years, our team and assets have been transitioning over to Wanderlust and we’ve become increasingly focused on developing the Wanderlust Media platform, culminating with the recent launch of Wanderlust TV. We will soon be completing this transition and fully merging the YOGANONYMOUS brand into Wanderlust. We’ll be stopping production on the site, fusing our social channels and email list, and eventually, we will redirect directly into the Wanderlust Media platform.

While it’d be impossible for us to recreate the YOGANONYMOUS experience, we’re happy to say that many of the topics, series, and personalities you’ve come to expect from us—from astrology to asana, your favorite teachers and influencers, and everything in between—will find a new home with Wanderlust Media and across the many Wanderlust events taking place worldwide every year.

That said, not everything will transition over. We won't attempt to replicate what YOGANONYMOUS stood for—that unique and open intersection between teachers and students, writers and readers, entrepreneurs and partners, where community members could openly exchange ideas, promote their offerings, and have their voices heard. YNON will be remembered as a powerful first-mover in the modernization of yoga as we know it today. Before the leading voices of our community had their own platforms, before managers and social media channels and online streaming services, YOGANONYMOUS was there.

During Teacher Training in 2009, around the time the idea for YOGANONYMOUS was born.

So thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart, truly. We achieved our goal. YOGANONYMOUS started as a project during my first-ever Teacher Training program in 2009, and look at what we all created together from there. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d grow into such a dynamic, expansive, and passionate family. To honor our successful time together, we’re running a #ThankYouYNON campaign on social media over the next few weeks. I hope that you will join me in celebrating YOGANONYMOUS by sharing some of your own favorite memories and stories as we ride off into the sunset.

A friend asked me when I shared the news if I was upset that YOGANONYMOUS wouldn’t be living on. My answer was to the contrary, because in fact the spirit of YOGANONYMOUS will be living on—not only in Wanderlust, but also in the conversations after class, the quiet moments of self-study, the epic highs of breathing through that tough pose, and in this inspiring and beautiful community that we all have worked so hard to create together over the years.

Thank you. Namaste. Peace out,

Dan Wilf 

Founder & CEO