Monday Morning Mantra: Sat Nam

"Sat Nam." 

If you've ever gone to a Kundalini class, you've probably heard the mantra "Sat Nam." This week, take a greater look at this mantra and embrace the great mystery.

This mantra embodies the mystery of life and that which comes after. 

Let's start by dissecting the mantra:

This can be translated as "true name" Or "truth is my name." It is a way of acknowledging that at the essence of a human is the "Essence" (Spiritual Voyage).  The word "truth" is considered to be larger than any human truth, likely in a plain that is impossible for humans. It is the acknowledgement that the great mystery is who we are.

When used as a greeting, "Sat Nam," is like saying "I see your true nature" or like namaste, "I recognize the divinity within you." 

This mantra is extremely powerful and the vibration of "Sat" extends to the Crown Chakra. It is said that if you meditate very carefully upon the mantra, you can feel the flow of energy moving from the Etheric (Sat) to the Material (Nam). While "Sat" is elevating, "Nam" is grounding.

So this week, recite "Sat Nam." Feel the connection between the earth and the sky. Embrace the mystery of life. 

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