Meditation Monday: Third Eye Meditation With Deepak Chopra

Close your eyes and place your attention on your "third eye," your Ajna Chakra, located between your eyebrows, which is your center of intuition.

The third eye is best balanced through meditation and a tingling around that chakra can signal an opening. 

To open the chakra, try Brahmari or the bee breath. Begin by placing both hands to your face and two middle fingers over your eyes. Allow the index fingers to rest on the eyebrow line and the pinky fingers under the cheekbones, as you close your ears with your thumbs. Take a deep inhalation and exhale the word AUM with the emphasis on the “M” sound while creating a buzzing sound like a bee for a minute or more (Chopra). 

The sound of this chakra is "sham" and its color is indigo. 

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