Meditation Monday: Solar Plexus Meditation With Deepak Chopra

Close your eyes and place a special emphasis on your power center your solar plexus, as Deepak Chopra guides you through a meditation. 

As you close your eyes, you may choose to place one or both hands on your belly. 

Deepak gives the mantra "Om Lakini Namaha" to invite the practioner to ignite her power: 

Om: is considered the most elemental sound of creation, the sound of the universe. As we repeat Om, we align ourselves with the vibration of the universe and live as one.

Lakini: The Goddess Lakini embodies the qualities of the solar plexis chakra. Repeating her name will help invoke her energy, as you we tap into the power of the universe as invite the energy of inner strength, courage, and true power in our lives.

Namaha: When repeated during meditation, this sound creates a sacred energy vibration which flows outward to the world, and then comes within. It's a way to surrender to, "the divine presence within your deepest heart while affirming the same divine presence that dwells in the hearts of all beings and in the entire universe" (Chopra). 

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