Meditation Monday: Rainy Day Meditation

This morning, Los Angeles was hit a surprise torrential downpour.

Thunder shook our tiny apartment as the sound of fat droplets danced on the windows. It was a little terrifying at first (especially after seeing San Andreas), but as I lay in bed and noticed the small comforts of my home, I found that rain as more apt to inspire gratitude over fear.  

Rainy days, while they might aggravate one’s commute or cancel plans, are a wonderful gift. In a time of drought, when they ground is thirsty, they provide a hefty dose of nourishment for sweet Mother Earth. They also inspire a sense of comfort, encouraging even the most stressed individuals to savor that cup of coffee and notice the gentle pitter-patter of of the rain. Through a rainstorm we can feel gratitude for our surroundings, shelter, and nourishment. 

Today’s gift from nature inspired me to celebrate the power of a rainy day for one’s meditation. In this video, you’ll hear the soothing sound of raindrops alongside a guided meditation for stress-relief and peace. At twenty minutes long, this mediation is ideal for those looking to begin their mornings (or end there days) with a touch of gratitude