May 2015: Astrological Overview - Death and Renewal

The month of May begins with the Celtic holy day of Beltane, a fire and abundance festival, and a day when the veil between this world and the Otherworld is thin.

We will feel everything more fully and can tune in with sensitivity to our guides that whisper secret wisdom into our bones.

The Wheel of the Year turns once again, moving us forward into the light. The hearth/home fires are extinguished and re-lit for Beltane (“bright fire”). If we don’t have a bonfire or campfire to dance around, we can light a fire in our home cauldron, or a beeswax candle, and hop over it with a heart full of inspiration and deep wishes, for protection and good luck.

Traditionally, cattle were driven through two great balefires for purification, fertility, and prosperity. People danced in the smoke from the flames for the same reason, and there was dancing around the maypole. We can honor this day in the same way. The fire that purifies and clears also ignites and inspires. Beltane invokes sparks of creativity and new abundance, fertility and frolicking, celebration and creation, praises and pleasure.  May we feel the irresistible desire to make beauty and live artfully.  

On Sunday, which is also considered to be Lunar Beltane, a cross-quarter day, we have a potent Full Moon in Scorpio, in opposition to our Sun in Taurus. The modern ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, lord of the Underworld, concerned with extremes and contradictions, intensity and emotions. This full moon will have contradictory energies and we may feel pulled apart. All full moons represent culmination and manifestation of what has been building since the new moon, fullness, as well as intensity and power.

Scorpio full moon will expose secrets and deception, reveal hidden agendas, and call for an intense purging, similar to being in the midst of a virus and releasing all of the toxic material and accumulation we have taken in. Scorpio is represented by the scorpion, but another representation is that of the phoenix, of immortality and regeneration. We can tap into this archetype to remember that from utter destruction arises something with greater power than we thought possible.

These Scorpio full moon themes emphasize destruction and decay, elimination and evolution, death and piecing yourself back together. The asteroid Lilith will be conjunct the Scorpio Full Moon. More about Lilith in another piece, but know that she is the dominant erotic force of divine feminine power, not in a “Facebook” or “Instagram” post saccharine kind of way, but in a real, embodied, lived through, womanly way. A force that will not be denied, that is only forged stronger in rejection and demonization, as what is misunderstood is easy to write off as demonic, destructive or evil, when the magick there is infinite and real.

Look at where you have stood your ground, been ignored, and tried to be heard in the face of adversity, but held in an embrace that is more cosmic than social, more mystical than logical, more natural than understandable.

We enter what’s called the shadow period of Mercury’s retrograde cycle on Monday, but the communication planet doesn’t turn retrograde officially until May 18 (until June 11). For these few weeks the planet that allows us to think, process, discuss, remember, the planet that moves things forward and governs all technology, will be taking respite in his underworld. This slows everything way down, and we must adjust to this slower pace or face the consequences. This is a much-needed pause button on the incessant race through life and rather than focusing on accomplishment we can consider rest, renewal, remembrance, and realignment. All of the “re” words carry great potency during this time.

On May 7 Venus, the planet of beauty moves into sensitive Cancer until June 5. May 11 brings Mars (action) into Gemini. The Sun leaves Taurus for Gemini, the sign of the twins and shapeshifting, on Thursday the 21st.

The work of astrology is to be more diagnostic than predictive and to allow us a glimpse into a more cosmic integrated knowledge of what is swirling and pulsing inside and all around us. There is an art and science to this work  it is not made up nor is it imagined. The forces of the Universe swirl and connect to us whether we acknowledge them or not. May we look up from our phones, stop seeking external approval that we’re okay, and look at our feet, align them, and look to the heavens, adjusting our eyes to see that which was imperceptible before, and grow into a realness that is our birthright.

Beltane Blessings to each heart. Know that you are okay, that you can grow and unfold with an inherent intelligence when you place your heart and intelligence into alignment.

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KK, an astrologer and teacher, has devoted two decades of study to esoteric and embodied spiritual practices and the mysteries of consciousness, bringing to her work a Master's degree in Feminist Theology. For eighteen years she has merged astrology with yoga in her teaching. Wildmoonwisdom is where astrology, esoteric and occult studies, Tantrik philosophy and women’s spirituality, myth and...READ MORE