Lights, Music, Mantras: The Rising Trend of Yoga Raves

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Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a raver, these hot new “Yoga Raves” might be just the thing to get you grooving.

The trend has been popping up in a variety of cities, from New York City to to Los Angeles to Vancouver. And with all of the positive feedback, it’s likely to see the list of cities expand even further.

You might be asking: what exactly makes a yoga rave? Isn’t the point of yoga to access peace and achieve mindfulness? Absolutely, but yoga raves serve their own purpose. Through uplifting music and lots of body paint, yoga raves create a safe environment for socialization and self-expression. 

Daybreaker is a popular yoga rave that occurs throughout the entire country, with one of its most popular locations sitting in New York City. The event consists of a monthly dance party following a one hour yoga session. Instead of a CD of Tibetan-inspired chants, yogis practice to music from an actual DJ. And instead of booze (and other things you might see at a rave), the club offers unlimited coffee, coconut water, and healthy snacks. 

But Daybreaker isn’t the only rave to grace the yoga scene; colleges and universities are also developing yoga-dance parties as part of their outreach program. In Vancouver, the UBC Recreation and Live Active outreach program created their own yoga rave earlier this month. The event was overwhelmingly popular, with over 400 people lining up outside the club’s doors hours before the event.

The students arrived in their most vibrant rave clothing, and the university handed out glow-in-the-dark body paint and glow sticks. The entire class was led in the dark, with lots of glowing lights to help guide the way. 

Like Daybreaker, the soundtrack came from a DJ, and the outreach program had Kundalini yoga instructor Hanne Vieira lead the students through their movements. UCB’s physical activity manager stated, “With this event, we are focused movement and energy. We want more people moving in a cool and fun way for the students.”

Rave-goers enjoy the combination of dancing and yoga in such a unique setting. It's also a great way to get to know other yogis, as the rave environment encourages lots of communication, whereas some yoga studios promote silence and tranquility. 

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your yoga session, a rave might just be what the yogi ordered. If you can’t find an opportunity in your area, talk to your favorite yoga teacher about bringing a rave to your studio, or organizing one at a local music venue. These raves can be a great way to socialize, fundraise, or simply celebrate gifts of yoga.

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