Joe Longo Photography - Capturing the Light Within | West Coast Sessions Available

"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary" ~ Ann Rose

Our buddy Joe Longo is not your typical stand up straight, turn your head this way photographer. His mission is to capture his subject’s true essence; JoeLongoPhotography is about “capturing the light within.”

Joe prides himself on photographing spirit: shadows that fall upon a flower, the stillness of a yoga asana, or the innocent smile of a child. His intention is to invoke a sense of wonder and mystery within the viewer.

In writing this piece, we asked Joe, “What subjects are you most passionate about photographing? Yoga, music, nature, families?”

Scratching his head for a moment, Joe paused. Then it hit him.

"I’m passionate about pushing the button. I love photography. I love light. I love shadows. I love negative space. I’m passionate about capturing a moment in time. My subject is no longer a singular focus; they become an integral part of a universal moment: a photograph" beamed Mr. Longo.

Looking for some shots?

Joe is based in the Philadelphia/Northeast Pennsylvania region and is about to take his show on the road, currently booking yoga and family portrait sessions in:

Los Angeles, California | October 22-24
San Francisco, California | October 26-30
Kaua’i, Hawaii November | 5-9 (Limited Sessions)

To book a session or get more information email Joe: [email protected]

Connect with Joe
[email protected]

What people are saying about Joe:

We literally had five minutes, just five minutes to take some pictures and he snapped some of my very favorite pictures I have of myself. To know Joe is to love him.
Jennifer Pastiloff —Manifestation Yoga Santa Monica, California

JoeLongoPhotography you are amazing! Thank you for capturing this moment, it's always an honor to work with you!
~Dhyana D’Amato-Vitarelli—Owner Dhyana Yoga, Philadelphia, PA

The only difference between Picasso and Joe Longo is that Picasso used a paint brush.
~Mark Copoulos—The Copoulos Firm

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