Jam of The Week | Emmanuel Jal "We Want Peace"

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South Sudanese peace activist and rapper Emmanuel Jal was robbed and beaten last Saturday by police in Juba, South Sudan, in what's being called a completely unprovoked attack according to members of his camp. In Jal's honor, this week's #JOTW is his inspiring, thought provoking, emotion driven—but more importantly lyrically truthful anthem We Want Peace featuring Alicia Keys, George Clooney and Peter Gabriel. Watch the music video below.

This from Rolling Stone:

Jal has been in Juba to promote International Peace Day and to perform at the "We Want Peace" Business Gala and concert on September 20th and 21st. Despite his injuries, Jal issued a statement urging continued peace. "Two days after arriving in my home country I was attacked by members of Juba's police and national security. This is an ironic and sad situation that will not deter my path for freedom, equality and justice. I am swollen, but recovering, and thank all the fans and supporters for their well wishes," he writes. "I would like to express that abuse of power should not be tolerated on any level. South Sudan must move forward with positivity and equality. Tribalism, police brutality, corruption and other problems of de-stabilization must be highlighted and stopped in order for the country to progress."

Jal said he spoke out about the incident "because I was raised in an environment where speaking out against injustice is always considered a route for peace. Let us continue to put a spotlight on such dark issues, for it is the best solution in paving a way for our bright future."

  "Now we can send mankind to the moon And we can reach to the bottom of the sea That's why it's really kind of bothers me That we can not end wars and bring peace."

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