Jam of the Week | Ellie Goulding "High For This" (The Weeknd Cover)

Back by popular demand – the YOGANONYMOUS Jam of the Week — a chance to discover new (or old) music that you can incorporate into your practice, or just rock out with anytime of the day.

Strap on your puffy headphones and and bump this track. The helium-throated girl-next-door, Ellie Goulding, is here to take the edge off your day. Her cover of The Weeknd's High For This is a study in contrasts. She sounds like she's made of cotton candy, but the beat comes in chunky. Lean with it. Rock with it.

These beats are perfect for a rainy day home practice. The highs and lows might just balance your crown and root chakras. Go ahead, get lucky.

420? Notice, this song is a tantalizing four minutes and twenty seconds long. Ellie says, "Trust me boy, you wanna be high for this." Shawty must be talking 'bout green tea.