How to Make a Living Teaching Yoga


You don't necessarily need to channel the energy of a billionaire, but you do need to "learn the critical marketing and business skills that will allow you to create abundance" as a teacher.

To live the life of a full-time yoga teacher, you've got to start thinking like a business person (at least a little). Otherwise, you can end up frustrated trying to make ends meet every month. This lesson is one that yoga teachers and those in the holistic community rarely speak of thanks in part to the ick-factor around money.

Though we might be more energetically conscious and know how to channel abundance in our lives (a little chanting to Lakshmi never hurt anyone!), the business of yoga is one that goes from being almost completely non-existent to one on steroids. Many teachers struggle to learn the business ropes and continue to fall short when it comes to drawing potential students into their classrooms while others push their classes, teacher trainings and product 'ambassadorships' so hard that it's a total turn off.

But could there be a happy medium? I think so! And that's why I turned to two fellows in the yoga community who hope to completely demystify the entire process of growing and shaping one's yoga career into something your skeptical family and friends will actually admire (not that you need it anyway, but it's always nice to get others on board to support you!).

Met Chuck Peterson (a.k.a. Yogi Chuck) and Chris King (a.k.a. The Marketing Alchemist)! They're two yogis behind an upcoming project that's going to re-shape the yoga and business discussion from this point forward. They've brought together some fantastic yoga minds such as Dhyana Vitarelli, the founder of Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia, Jennifer Pastiloff, Katherine Roberts of Yoga for Golfers, YOGANONYMOUS' own Dan Wilf, Rachael Cook of the Yogipreneur, Brock & Krista Cahill, Rebecca Snowball, and more. These pros are dishing on their experiences, wisdom and even offering up a touch of tough yoga love when needed to get yogis like you and me on the path to actually making a sustainable income without killing yourself.

Because we all know what it's like to work so hard, take on so many gigs you can't even find time to eat and drive all over the place from gig to gig while barely squeaking out money for rent, food, living expenses, yoga insurance (if you even have it), business cards, a website, photos, etc. Before you know it, your income is barely worth commenting on and you've got to ration how many classes and workshops you take simply to stay afloat.  But you're working a lot, right? And yet it all feels so damn hard.


Now the uphill yoga-teaching battle that never seems to end might actually have a silver-lining headed your way. The Yoga Business Summit is a great way to start actively working on your state of abundance now that Chuck and Chris are handing yogis everywhere some serious tools to practice.  The days filled with "old ways of marketing that weren’t congruent with the holistic community" are over since Chuck and Chris now offer us up a way "to market in an authentic way by educating and creating value for their clients."

The "How" of this conversation is simple for these two guys.

"We show yoga teachers everywhere how to shift their perspective to educate and teach their prospects and clients...while delivering value. There is nothing icky or inauthentic about sending people great content and letting them decide if they want to learn more from you as a yoga teacher or holistic healer", shares Chuck.

"Yoga teachers need to get more strategic about their career as a yoga instructor, and learn the tools and skills to attract lucrative private clients, pack their workshops, and fill their classes at studios so they make more money than the minimum studios pay them for an average attended class size."

And Chuck will admit that yes, there's a necessary hustle involved somewhere in here as you "teach a ton of back to back classes until you build your brand and following." The key is that "yoga teachers need to do it in a way that helps them leverage their efforts to create real abundance. They can totally teach full-time and create an awesome lifestyle business without burning out!"

Here's the catch, it means you've got to take your yoga career seriously. And thankfully, Chuck and Chris are making this part a breeze so long as you actually listen in, take notes here and there, and put the tips shared by the interviewees into motion. You don't necessarily have to channel the energy of the billionaire Warren Buffett, but you do need to "learn the critical marketing and business skills that will allow you to create abundance."

And what does that abundance spell, my yogi friends?

1. Lightening the work load... so less teaching gigs, but making more income & doing what you love in life.

2. Paying your bills on time.

3. Donating your time for non-profit classes to help others.

4. Start and/or work on charities and be a positive force behind yoga activism.

5. Hire other people to help you grow your yoga business (which would be good for the economy, yes?).

6. Use your extra income to be a powerful source of change that we each dream of.

Though this is a short list, I think you get the idea. So what are you waiting for? Everything starts on Tuesday 8/28 and it's totally free.

You said wha?!?!?

Yep, free.

Register you seat now and I'll 'see you' there!

Jennifer fugo

Jennifer Fugo is a Philadelphia-based yoga teacher, health coach, and founder of Gluten Free School, an online classroom dedicated to healthy gluten-free living. Named a “Gluten Free Guru” by Philadelphia Magazine, Jen's spent the last 4 years vibrantly living gluten-free while coaching clients to do the same. For recipes, articles, events and yoga classes with Jen, visit her...READ MORE