Heli-Yoga: What It Is & Why You Should Try It

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So you’ve probably heard of heli-skiing and maybe heli-hiking, both of which are extremely breathtaking and energizing.

But have you ever imagined the possibilities of combining the thrill of a scenic helicopter ride with the relaxing, soothing experience of a yoga class? Yes, we said it, heli-yoga.

Even in the quietest, most ambient yoga studios, there’s always a distraction; whether it’s the noise of traffic in the distance or a flickering light bulb, it’s practically impossible to experience complete liberation while trapped indoors. And we all know, workout DVDs just don’t cut it these days, especially when there are so many opportunities to experience open-air nirvana. Many yoga activists enjoy taking class outdoors, as you’ve probably seen in parks around your neighborhood, but few have used yoga as an opportunity to travel to the top of a mountain. While this extreme destination activity has been around for the past decade, it’s still a well-kept secret among yogis.

Heli-yoga proves that yoga isn’t just for relaxation and inner-peace, it can also be exciting enough to thrill even the most die-hard active junkies and adventure addicts. Even when the invigorating helicopter ride comes to a halt, the scenery provides a rush on its own, and there’s nothing like the fresh mountain air to remind you that this is no ordinary yoga experience.

The best classes are taught in secluded areas of a mountain, preferably with lichen and soft grass underneath you and an endless view to enhance nature’s tranquility. The sound of a stream or river is also helpful, so even with your eyes closed, there remains a constant reminder that you are becoming one with nature. And don’t forget that when the yoga session is over, there’s still the return helicopter ride to get your heart pounding once again.

We’d venture to say that even if you’ve never tried yoga before, the entire heli-yoga experience will prove enjoyable for any outdoor enthusiast. After all, it will be an astounding life experience that you’ve probably never tried before. As active junkies, we’re always looking for a new buzz, and this has potential to be the most unique way to get out of your comfort zone and into the wild.

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