Finding Good Music for Your Yoga Class + Perfect Power Yoga Playlist

As a teacher, one of the most challenging aspects of planning a yoga class is finding good music to play.

You don’t want anything too distracting, or that sounds weird, is too high pitched, or not really the same “style” as your students. In my own searches for the perfect playlist, so much of the yoga music out there is a little too spa-like for a strong flow.

Finding music that's relaxing without being corny, but builds when you need a little extra inspiration to power through those planks, is a fine and time-consuming art, which is why I'm sharing my personal favorites with you!

Here’s my go-to playlist for a fun, strong practice:

Sleep | Méditation

Creation | DJ Drez

Jhata Dance | DJ Drez

More Creation | DJ Drez

Wind Talker | DJ Drez

Kidda | Natacha Atlas

Sitar Lights (feat. Divine 1 Joel Long) | DJ Drez

Amerimacka | Thievery Corporation

Possibility | Lykke Li

Lotus Heart | Desert Dwellers

What's your favorite song on your own yoga playlist?

Erin motzenbecker

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