Back to School: Seven Ways to Meditate & Celebrate Life as a Family

Can you believe it's really that time again?

I am inspired to support conscious families to create activated, loving environments for their kids to grow up in. I'm all about creating powerful, long-lasting and fun daily practices that support our lives—we are habitual beings after-all, so what we do everyday is who we become over time.

How would you like to support your kids, self and family by sharing some simple spiritual practices that are fun and heart-connecting?

Intention setting for the day:

Your intentions act as a spearhead for your day. They support you to slice through any challenges that arise and maintain a positive outlook. They also keep you focused and grounded in something, rather than floating through life on auto-pilot reacting to every mis-hap or happening.

Take the time in the morning to share your intentions for the day together. Don't intend to 'get something or do something,' instead intend to be something. Set simple intentions like: today I am going to be grateful, I am going to pay attention, I am going to listen, I am going to stand up for myself, I am going to be happy no matter what.  At the end of your day you can ask how each did and celebrate.

Gratitude time at every meal:

Before eating take a few moments to acknowledge the earth for providing your food, the farmers for growing it, all the people who had a hand in getting it to you and the abundance you have in your life to pay for it. Go around the table and each share at least one thing you're grateful for. A grateful family is a happy one.

Practice breathing together:

Breath is the thing that connects all of us. It is the space between spaces. There is something truly profound that happens when people come together for the purpose of consciously breathing. Take two minutes, 10 breaths or as long as what you can do to breathe together in silence. No words are needed. Just take the time to breathe away your day, connect into your hearts and be together as a family.

Encourage the sharing of feelings:

Create authentic relationships with your kids. If you feel like crap, your angry or upset and your kid asks you if everything is all right and you say 'yes, I'm fine,' you begin to create (and demonstrate) a habit of lying. Kids aren't stupid, in fact they're more intuitive and tapped into the energy around them than you are.

So be authentic. Share the truth of how you feel and encourage your children to express their honest thoughts and feelings too. When they do, give them all of your energy and intention by listening.

It took me years to learn how to express my emotions authentically because it was never taught, demonstrated or encouraged growing up. Instead, I was fed candy and treats when I felt sad. This created a pattern of emotional eating which I'm only now healing. Be authentic and honor truth.

Om and Smudge before bed:

Chant the Universal vibration of love Om. This powerful vibration is a cleansing force. Before putting your kids to bed, take an opportunity to OM three times, ten times or as many times as you want. Clear the energy of the day and open a beautiful, peaceful, safe space for your children to fall asleep in.

I also encourage smudging the bedroom by burning some sage, sweet grass, palo santo or incense. Do this as a daily ceremony in gratitude for gift of another day. With your intention, ask the smoke to cleanse your energy field, thoughts and the room.

Be the change your kids need to see you being:

Your kids are like sponges, especially up until the age of around 12. You are like a god to them and what they see or feel you do, they will copy. So remember, it's not what you say to them, it's more about what you're doing or energetically putting out that they pick up on.

As a parent your biggest responsibility to your kids is to be authentic and live in integrity. If you want to help them create healthy, peaceful, successful lives then you need to do that for yourself. If you want to encourage your kids to go for their dreams, then you've gotta live for yours.

The bullshit "do as I say, not as I do" way of parenting is not good enough anymore. Learn to have your words and actions align. Your kid is a copycat and will follow in your footsteps; whether leading by positive or negative example. Be the change and raise yourself how you'd dream of raising your kids.

Take the 40 Day Family Meditation Challenge:

A couple years ago I created a 4-week Kids Meditation program. I have had children aged 3-12, from all over the world fall in love with the videos and audios that help them to create a connecting practice of meditation. I also created my 40 Day Meditation Vision Quest which has been practiced by adults from more than seven different countries this year. Take a meditation challenge as a family and set a bit of time aside to meditate together everyday. You may find it difficult at first to commit to the practice, but I guarantee this will change all of your lives forever (for the better).

The Kids Meditation Series is by donation or free (no excuses!)

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