5 Best Dr. Bronner's Tips

If the designation existed, I am a crazy Dr. Bronner's person.

The stuff is like, an essential for life. Enjoy these fun and useful tips on using Dr. Bronner's. What's your favorite flavor? The answer is all of them.

1) Dilution will keep the cap from clogging. As much as half-strength works just fine for everyday use. Remember, as it says on the bottle, always poke the cap if it clogs. If you squeeze it, it's going to shoot everywhere.

2) When washing hair with Dr. Bronner's, pour the drops directly onto your head instead of into your hands first. For some reason having to do with emulsification of oil and water, it lathers much more easily when applied directly to the scalp.

3) Mix your own blend of the flavors.

4) Dilute to half-strength and keep a small bottle next to the sink for face.

5) Take a bottle with you into the river and splash around with all of your friends. It's biodegradable, word? That's the whole deal. Try not to spill any beer.  

Ashton burnette

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