3 Ways My Yoga Practice Has Changed My Life


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All those heart openers have changed my body and life in more ways than one.

I believe that yoga really has the power to deeply impact your life and inspire changes that you couldn't have even imagined. Here are a few ways that my yoga practice has impacted my life for the better:

It truly allowed me to unwind:

I came to find yoga after a persisting knee injury that was a result of poor running form (over many years). After running was no longer an option I turned to cardio machines at the gym—those got old real fast. Hitting the gym after the stresses from my 9 to 5 job and listening to my loud music to pump me up only seemed to get me wound up even tighter…  

A friend convinced me to try yoga, so I bought a Groupon-type deal and we tried out a local studio. Immediately I found that the practice allowed me to turn off my mind and disconnect from the tension that had built up throughout the day. I felt like I finally found an outlet, not only for my mind, but a workout that felt good on my body too.

Showed me there is always room to grow:

The great thing about yoga is that you can take from it what you need and tailor your practice to focus on what is best for you. Yoga motivates me, each class I attend I feel that I am learning and am achieving something. This could be mastering a new pose, stretching deeper than you thought your body would bend or holding plank for more than a minute.

Inspired a big career change:

Yoga has really been the inspiration for the newest chapter in my life. I made the decision to quit my job in the online marketing industry in August of 2012 as I was burnt out and tired of being chained to a desk all day. I knew I wanted to create my dream life by somehow marrying my passions and then really design a professional career path with them…

I had always wanted to attend a destination fitness or yoga retreat (but could never get the extended time off of work), so in October 2012 I went on a yoga & surf retreat in Bali. I had an amazing time, and through the process of researching my options, I came across some inspiring business models that lead me to create my own company.

I launched The Yoga Getaway in November 2012, an international destination yoga retreat company. Yoga & travel have become my life’s passions and have taken me to a place where I now can’t recall ever being as happy and fulfilled.

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Nicole webb

Nicole is the creator of The Yoga Getaway, a Los Angeles based destination yoga retreat company. She has always had an insatiable desire to travel coupled with a devotion to health and fitness. She wanted to somehow integrate these elements into both her personal and professional life to achieve the ultimate kind of happiness. After many years in ...READ MORE